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Introducing Vietnam's industrial parks and factories (rental).

Ho Chi Minh Suzuki Real Estate will guide you to rental factories around Ho Chi Minh in southern Vietnam.

Japanese people with real estate transaction qualifications will introduce you to the industrial parks of Binh Duong, Long An and Dong Nai.

Rental of industrial parks and factories in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh Industrial Park / Land Brokerage Partner

Brokerage fee for factories and land [free]

By a Japanese residential land and building trader
Information on industrial parks and rental factories
For many private properties, please contact us first.

Strengths of Suzuki Real Estate

Factory information by a Japanese residential land and building trader

Property Specialist who has Japanese Qualifications
Qualified Agent leads customer to Best Office

Factory leasing is a bigger deal than rental condominiums. However, in Ho Chi Minh, there are few real estate and industrial park referral companies who have specialized qualifications for real estate transactions.

Our company is staffed by Japanese who are certified real estate, and we will support your transactions as same as in Japan. If you have any trouble, please contact us at any time.

Information on factories, business sites, and industrial zones is not actively posted on the website, so please contact us.

Contact us

Vietnamese staff

Plant tour by Suzuki Real Estate

Vietnamese (more than 10 years of interpreting experience) attend factory tour and land

Please feel free to contact us from the factory selection.

It is important to visit factories in order to expand your business to Vietnam, factories and business partners.
In addition to industrial parks, we can also guide you to domestic factories in Vietnam.
Experienced interpreters who have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1 will accompany you during the attendance. Please feel free to consult with us from the stage of factory selection and consideration of business partners.

 Example) 2 days factory tour 600USD

Features of Suzuki Real Estate Website

From the map of Ho Chi Minh
Find a factory

From the area or location where the factory is located
Search for your desired industrial park

We have assisted our clients with office placement, international taxation, incorporation, and representative office establishment.

We will continue to provide solid support for your business expansion in Vietnam.

Please feel free to contact Suzuki Real Estate for more detailed information about the industry and the plot.


View the map of the factory

Ho Chi Minh Map
Suzuki Property Vietnam

Around Ho Chi Minh
Map of industrial park

You can find the industrial park in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from the map.


Location of Suzuki Real Estate

 Vacant plot available, factory available immediately.

 shopping center

 Government and International Airports

  Factories and industrial parks


  Japanese School/International School

Suzuki Property Vietnam

Suzuki Property Vietnam

Vietnam industrial park
Rental factory recommendations

We would like to introduce the recommended KIZUNA Industrial Park and BW Industrial Park.

KIZUNA Industrial Park

Industrial park used by many Japanese companies
The management company is excellent at dealing with Japanese companies
About 1 hour from District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City

Factory where many foreign-affiliated companies move in
In addition to Japanese companies, Western, Chinese, and Korean companies
Widely invested from all over the world

Suzuki Property Vietnam

Column & News

Suzuki Real Estate provides information and news about Vietnam, investment columns, and blogs.

Ho Chi Minh
Suzuki Property Vietnam

Please feel free to contact us.

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Real estate in Ho Chi Minh is Suzuki Real Estate.
Please feel free to contact us.

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